Chiang Mai Co-Working Spaces Review 2021

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The cat’s out of the bag! It’s not a secret anymore. Chiang Mai, a sweet laid-back city in the north of Thailand, has been a hotspot for digital nomads and digital expats for eons. The attraction is simple: cheap rent, delicious food, and a rich network of ike-minded folk.

Well, until the global pandemic. Then things changed.

Yet, just recently, the Thai government announced a new range of visas being offered, and one is specifically for digital nomads and digital expats. This is fabulous news for anyone wanting to work online from Thailand.

A Surprise of a Different Kind in Chiang Mai

Just last week I popped in to catch up with a friend who was at her co-working space. What I saw surprised me. Even though many left Thailand as the COVID response grew globally, there are still many expats in the country who are using co-working spaces.

And boy oh boy, these co-working places are flash!

So here is a review of the spaces that have survived through the tough times of the pandemic.

Yellow, the Perfect Expat Co-working Space

Spacious and Popular, Yellow Co-Working By Rachel Devlin
Spacious and Popular, Yellow Co-Working By Rachel Devlin

Yellow, in the swanky Nimmanhaemin area, is a  popular space. Partly this is due to it’s handy location, as it is settled nicely in the digital nomad epicenter. Yellow is surrounded by small cafes and rentable condos and is also close to Maya, a large western style plaza.

It offers a clean, bright space with a variety of work space environments. Hot desks and cold desks, bean bags, international power sockets and English-speaking staff are at your disposal. A small garden area also creates a pleasant environment.

This is a spacious site, and many expats use Yellow because of its networking potential. It is a place to meet people.

  • Sample Pricing: $117.00 per month for a hot desk spot.
    16/2 Soi 5, Nimmanhaemin Rd. Suthep, Mueang Chiang Mai, Chiang Mai, Thailand
    Always Open

Alt_Chiang Mai Coworking Space – Everything Under One Roof Ffor Expats

This co-working space is gaining traction. It sits nicely tucked in the ‘old city’ of Chiang Mai. The old city is packed with restaurants and cafes, but is also home to many ancient temples, creating a bit of historical magic for right there.

In a vision to cater for working travelers as well as for digital nomads, Alt_Chiang Mai also offers hotel-style living spaces, so they met all your personal and professional needs. Private offices, quiet zones, conference rooms and chill spaces are all yours for the picking. There is also very flexible pricing, so you can pay for just a day or up to 6 months.

  • Sample Pricing: $93 per month for a hot desk.
    129/1 Intrawarot Road, Phrasing Muang Chiang Mai, Thailand
    Hours: 9:00am – 6:00pm

Punspace: Catered to Expats in for the Long Game

Punspace has been in for the long game. This space is also located inside the old city, like Alt)Chiang Mai, close to museums and a ton of restaurants. The most striking feature of Punspace is its greenery. Grassy land and shady trees surround the building.  This space may not scream corporate sophistication like many do, but maintains an original homely flavor. If you want to experience something a little culturally different, this is the place as Punspace is also popular with the locals.

  • Sample Pricing: $83 for a monthly hot seat.
    10 Wiang Kaew Rd, Sri Phum, Chiang Mai, Thailand
    Hours: 9:00am – 6:00pm

HeartWork: An Expat’s Best-Kept Secret

“Heart Work Co-Working Space” By Heart Work

HeartWork is just south of the ‘Old City’ and it is the best-kept secret in Chiang Mai for expats and travelers.

"Heart Work Co-Working Space" By Heart Work[
“Heart Work Co-Working Space” By Heart Work[
They have restored the building, letting in light and a feeling of space. There are a variety of desk spaces available, and the building has been tastefully decorated.

HeartWork has a delightful restaurant to fuel your creative energy. But the best part is, there are ZERO membership fees. You simply use ‘COVID discount’ and buy one drink per hour. Without a doubt, this is the most amazing deal in Chiang Mai.

HeartWork is also within walking distance to a well-known expat bar and restaurant called The Gekko Garden. So after work, you can swing buy for a hamburger and fries that will only set you back $4.40 and you can throw down a cool Margarita for less than $2.50.

  • Sample Pricing: FREE, but you must buy at least a drink every hour you use the modern facilities.
    196/2 Kampangdin Road, Hai Ya, Chiang Mai
    Hours: 9:00am – 5:00pm (Closed on Sundays).

Are you dreaming of working in exotic locations? What do you need in a co-working space? Tell us what your ‘non-negotiables’ are in a shared work environment.

by: Rachel Devlin

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