What to Consider When Relocating with Kids

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Moving to a new country is an experience that can change your life in more ways than one. It can help you become more mature and open new doors for your career. It is always a gateway to epic adventures and a refreshing change of life.

However, if you have children, it can be a little tricky to have them move with you, especially if they are already in school. So what do you do?

Here are the things you want to consider if you are considering relocating with your kids to another country:


Many questions to answer by Annhwa
Many questions to answer by Annhwa

The older your child is, the more likely he or she will feel the impact of your decision. If your child is younger than three years old, you’ll have a lot easier time being mobile. Once your child forms friendships and gets used to a familiar environment such as their school, it gets harder.

And if you have a teenager in your family, moving away may seem to him or her you are destroying everything they have built: friendships, social life, relationships, and their school. While older children may need time to adjust, they will learn a lot and grow from the experience.

You should understand your child’s character and if they will handle the change. Try having an open conversation with your child and find out how he feels about moving to another country.


The first thing that you have to consider when moving with your kids is the location. You need to consider what is around the area, such as what activities you can do with your child during weekends. Are you living in the city or considering suburbs, or perhaps the countryside? This will make a tremendous difference to your kids.


Moving to a new country is not something you should decide on haphazardly. You need to see if it is the right time to move them and if they will be able to adjust once they move.

Is it better to move during the holidays for your family? Will they miss the Christmas holidays with their grandparents and extended family? Should you move in the middle of the year or have your child start a new school after the summer?


If you move to a country that uses a different language, you and your child will want to learn a little of the local language before you move. Try your best to learn the basic phrases to converse with the locals. You can also use various language apps with your child to learn more.

Kids can learn languages easily, especially if they have a lot of motivation. It will also help them make friends easier if they know the local language once you move.


One step at a time by Nkphotos
One step at a time by Nkphotos

You need to consider what will happen to your child’s education once you move to a new country.

Is it possible to get them homeschooled? What schools are near your work or home? Does the school’s curriculum match your family values and study goals? What about after-school activities?

Most countries have international schools and public schools that accept foreign students. However, many excellent schools often have a year-long waiting list.

Check what options are there for your child’s education needs and what you need to prepare beforehand.


Health services are another important factor you need to consider if you are moving to another country with your child.

Some countries may charge exorbitant fees for health care, especially if you do not have health insurance. Sometimes they will require you to get vaccinations before you go to the country. Check with your child’s pediatrician to see if they can give the vaccinations required in the country you will move to.


Finally, you will need to talk to your child if they are ok moving to another country. Listening to their views can help you think about the pros and cons of moving with them and think about ways to help them adjust.


Moving to a new country requires careful planning, especially if you bring along your family. Do your research and ask us here at TCI or people you know who did the move for ideas on how to make your move easier. Remember, your child will need time to adapt and if you plan carefully, you will be better able to enjoy your new home.

Relocated with your children? What are the things you needed to consider?

by: Kally Tay