Homeschooling for Expats: Should You Do It?

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The opportunity to live abroad with the family opens several options for both parents and children alike to be exposed to new places, cultures and languages. However, living abroad has its challenges, and for expat families, one of the most notable challenges they have to consider is education. Homeschooling may be an option, one that works for me and my “expat child.”

Whether your kids are already studying in your home country or about to start classes, it is a question of whether they will keep up with the different curriculum in the country you are in. Tuition fees may be more expensive abroad, which can dent your finances in the long run. One option to consider if you worry about your child’s education is homeschooling.

But, what is homeschooling, what are there pros and cons that you have to be familiar with before deciding which is best for your child’s education?

Why Homeschool Your Kids

Homeschooling means we can go to the beach on a weekday when there are nobody else but us! Image@Kally
Homeschooling means we can go to the beach on a weekday when there is nobody else but us! Image@Kally

There are many reasons homeschooling your child can be a good thing.

First, every child reacts differently when they are in a new location. Some may take a short time to get used to the new environment, while others will need a long time to adjust.

Homeschooling offers an environment that your child is familiar with and could assist with the adjustment process.

Homeschooling may also be ideal if your finances are still not stable or you foresee that you and your family may move to another country again in the future. With homeschooling, your children can continue with their classes even if they move to another country.

Pros of Homeschooling

Homeschooling has significant advantages:

  • Your child can study at their own pace and match their capabilities.
  • You can set the curriculum and learning methods your child will use.
  • You have more time with your children and build your relationship.
  • Children will be able to focus better at home.


Cons of Homeschooling

However, homeschooling may have some cons:

  • Since parents will school the child at home, they must take the time to research which learning provider can assist them in developing a good homeschool curriculum for their children. If you are reaching out to a learning provider, it may add additional costs, especially hiring a tutor or education experts to assist you. You will need to invest time personally to teach your child and customize the curriculum yourself.
  • There will be a delicate balance between education and the need for socialization.
  • For homeschooling to be successful, both you and your child must focus and stay motivated.


Why I Do It with my Daughter

My daughter learning abacus. Image@Kally
My daughter learning abacus. Image@Kally

I have a four-year-old whom I have been homeschooling since she was two-and-a-half years old.

While we have plenty of great kindergarten and playschools within our reach, I choose to devote my time to homeschooling her.

That foundation starts early; we introduce many fundamental habits at age three.

I also believe in allowing my child to choose what she enjoys learning and follow her pace instead of sticking to a curriculum.

Many times, she leads her own learning while I facilitate.

The immense satisfaction of watching her knowledge grow, besides forming a strong bond with her, is the reason I homeschool her.



Homeschooling may not work for every expat family, but if you consider it, you will find that there are many support groups and resources to enable your success. Follow me on TCI and learn more about my adventures in Malaysia, Truly Asia.

by: Kally Tay