Five Places to Find Remote Work

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If you’re planning to pack up and travel anytime soon, I have got news for you. You don’t have to save thousands of dollars to pack up and move to a new country or be a digital nomad. You just have to know where to look. But look no further here are five places you can find remote work.

Remote Work 1 It’s A Travel OD

Working from Home by nappy from Pexels"
Working from Home by nappy from Pexels

Every Friday, Andrea of It’s A Travel OD drops new remote jobs in every industry for you to apply to. They’re free and at the beginning of every newsletter, she provides tips for first-timers.

She has tons of free content for any first-timer applying remotely for the first time. And paid courses for people who want to be in the driver’s seat while learning how to “remotify” their resume.

What I love about It’s A Travel OD: 
Andrea provides so much information if you’re just starting. When you’re transferring from corporate to remote working, it’s natural to think everything you’ve learned about applying to jobs in the office applies to remote working. It doesn’t. As I mentioned in How To Transition from Corporate Life to Digital Nomad, skills that we may consider menial can be very useful when working remotely. But you won’t know until you take the first step.

Remote Work 2 Pangian Remote Network

This board is more of a community than just a simple job board. Pangian offers jobs, courses, resources, and blogs. They also offer Pangian Pro, which gives you access to jobs not available to anyone else.

What I love about Pangian: 
Although they help people get jobs, they also inspire. Their blogs are about people that dared to dream and exceeded their wildest expectations. Who doesn’t love a wonderful story with remote jobs so that you can make your dreams come through?

Remote Work 3 Linkedin Job Search

Using Linkedin for remote jobs Photo by Pixabay from Pexels
Using Linkedin for remote jobs Photo by Pixabay from Pexels

Believe it or not, employers are still using Linkedin even for remote jobs. The key to finding the best ones is when you click “Jobs” in Linkedin, enter “Remote” for the location, and jobs that aren’t even posted on job boards can be found here.

Be careful although some people list their jobs as remote, they may not really be, actually. Make sure to read the job descriptions carefully.

What I love about Linkedin Job Search: 
Most employers that post to Linkedin rarely post anywhere else. If you’re constantly searching for jobs, this can be a breath of fresh air. Also, if you have Linkedin Premium, it shows you how many people have applied and where your profile ranks in the applicants.

Remote Work 4 Working Nomads

Another remote job board that sends you alerts every week, sometimes twice a week. They also post jobs frequently on Twitter, this is helpful if you frequent Twitter and would prefer alerts rather than email. Be careful though, the alerts can become overbearing.

What I love about World Nomads: 
Unlike other job boards, they lean heavily on Marketing, Management, and Design.

Remote Work 5 Angel List

If you have an unexplainable urge to work for a startup company, this is the right place for you. Most of them are remote jobs all across the world and they’re very diverse offerings.

What I love about Angel List: No cover letter required! I hate writing cover letters. If a job requires me to write one, it’ll go in my to-do pile, and I will probably never touch it again. Angel List isn’t like that. Just send a note to the hiring manager and make it as short as possible. There’s a character limit because everything is included on your profile, so there’s no need for you to upload an official resume.

Wherever your job search takes you, have fun. This is the one thing standing in between you and your dreams to travel the world. There are tons of remote boards around and places to find remote work, including social media. But once you decide to do it, stay consistent. Apply to 2-3 every week and give it your best shot!

Happy Remote Work hunting! But let us know what tools are you using, please. We do want to know. 

by: Dawn Demeritte