Best Countries for Digital Nomads

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Because of the worldwide health restrictions, more and more people are considering a location-independent life as Digital Nomads. And why not? The world is beautiful, and we should all explore.

But for new Digital Nomads, while being a nomad is exciting, it can also be daunting. For some people, transitioning directly from corporate, there is a need for some kind of structure and stability, at least for the first six months.

Governments are also pivoting to accommodate this new life and also to make sure their economies survive the fallout of a pandemic. While it may excite to visit everywhere that offers a Digital Nomad visa, sometimes it’s not workable for a Digital Nomad who craves structure. The reality is this: while it may seem like a dream to live in some countries, the dream only exists in our heads when the infrastructure isn’t quite up to our standards.

With that being said, here is a list of the top 5 best countries for Digital Nomads:

1. Digital Nomads Dream – Dubai

Digital Nomads Dream - Dubai Photo by Fredrik Ohlander via Unsplah
Digital Nomads Dream – Dubai by Fredrik Ohlander via Unsplah

While living in Dubai can be expensive, the benefits are worth it. The UAE doesn’t impose taxes on its residents; it has sunshine year-round, and the city offers the best of everything.

Not to mention internet speed is incredibly strong. The only downside is whereas the application fee for the remote working visa is $287, you must earn a minimum of $5,000 per month to be considered for the visa. It’s how they find the best and the brightest. So if you’re a fairly new Digital Nomad not having a consistent income of 5,000 a month, this isn’t for you.




2. Digital Nomads Paradise – Lisbon, Portugal

If you’re young, artsy, or creative, Lisbon could be the spot for you. For persons like DN’s who are never quite satisfied with just one place, Lisbon has the right ingredients, even for us. The quality of life is good, it’s easy on the pockets and there is no way you can get bored. There is also a huge Digital Nomad community, so if you’re not someone that makes friends easily, you won’t have an issue. The downside of Lisbon is rent is high. However, to apply for a Temporary Stay Visa, you are required to earn €635 a month.

3. Digital Nomads Spring City – Medellin, Colombia

It’s easy to overlook countries in Latin America when looking at places with a strong foundation for Digital Nomads, but Colombia isn’t one to overlook. Colombia gets a bad rap because of its history, but the country has been working hard to shed its reputation. Digital Nomad’s love Colombia specifically for the affordable prices, the geographical location, the strong Internet, and the cultural activity. Although there’s no official Digital Nomad visa, Colombia allows most people from countries to stay for 90 days. It’s important to do your research to see if your country is one of them.

Digital Nomads Heaven - Mexico City Photo By Kylie Haulk via Unsplash
Digital Nomads Heaven – Mexico City Photo By Kylie Haulk via Unsplash

Although for the last year, people have been flocking to Tulum, Mexico City is one of the best places for a new Digital Nomad. In Mexico City, it’s easy to have a balanced work and play life. Rentals are affordable, the internet is reliable, and high speed, there’s a huge Digital Nomad community there and the country is very accepting to everyone. What I love about Mexico is, even though it’s a Spanish-speaking country, most people speak English, so if you’re a beginner, you won’t feel out of place. For a new Digital Nomad, it’s easy to fall into a routine in Mexico City. Mexico has a Temporary Resident Visa that costs $267 and it’s a little frustrating for people that are used to stability. However, if you opt not to, it is possible to stay on a tourist visa for 180 days.

5. Digital Nomads Convenience – Antigua, Guatemala

Guess what? Nomads are heading to Guatemala if only to get away from the huge tourist crowds in Mexico. And why not? Rentals are affordable, it’s a great place for a new Digital Nomad, everything is walkable, and depending on where you choose to stay, the Internet is great. However, unlike Mexico, most people do not speak English. But the Spanish Schools in Antigua are some of the best in the world and affordable. You will enter a beginner and leave a novice speaker. While Guatemala doesn’t have a Digital Nomad visa, it has a Visa Ordinaria which allows applicants to stay in Guatemala for six months and it can be extended.

Go Where The Internet is Fast and Reliable

As you know, there are many places, one can settle for a few months while searching for the perfect home base. But while everything looks amazing, keep in mind that many countries do not offer stable internet infrastructure and if you’re used to high-speed internet and electricity without interruption, some places may not lend themselves to optimal Digital Nomad life work life.

Not everything that glitters is gold, and it’s important to do your research when looking for a Digital Nomad home base. If you’re new here, follow us on Facebook and Twitter. Here at TCI, we have a knowledgeable team of expats in place, called the Alliance team, who are looking to help you make the choice right for your circumstances. 

by: Dawn Demeritte