8 Ways to Help Your Dog Adjust to Your New Home

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Moving to a new home, whether overseas or just to a different house, is very stressful, and it can be even more complicated change for the dogs that you are bringing along.

Dog anxiety moving to a new home. @https://unsplash.com/@joshhild
Dog anxiety moving to a new home. by oshhild on Unsplash

Pets may find it hard to move to an unfamiliar environment, and most dogs are creatures of habit and used to a routine.

They may become anxious when we move them to a new place.

How can you help your dog to have a less stressful moving experience?


Dog Anxiety Moving to a New Home

Fortunately, there are ways to help your dogs adjust to their new environment and reduce the anxiety they may be feeling. Here are some tips I recommend trying:

Pack A Pet Essentials Bag

While preparing the things you will need for your move, make sure you have a separate bag for your dog’s essentials, such as toys, treats, and wipes, and it should be easy to access. Having all of these things, close to hand will help you get what your dogs need during the first few weeks and reduce the stress you are in and keep your dogs happy.

Set Up Your Dog’s Space Right Away

Before you set up your living room, bedroom and all the other rooms in the house, make sure to set up your pet’s area first. It doesn’t have to be in the place where you intend to keep their stuff placed permanently. Just pick a small nook that won’t be in the path of moving bags, cases and furniture, and put everything there to let them know where they can go when they feel anxious.

Be Patient With Your Dog

Like humans, it will take time for your dogs to settle in your new home, so you have to be patient if they act antsy and uncertain upon your move. As their fur parent, you need to stand beside them as their grounding support and do things with them that will help them relax and be happy.

Inquire About An Anti-Anxiety Aid

How to settle a dog into a new house. @ https://unsplash.com/@belart84
How to settle a dog into a new house. by belart84 on Unsplash

You can also try out anti-anxiety aids that will help your dogs with their anxiety, especially if they are prone to anxiety attacks often.

Ask your dog’s vet about tips to reduce stress for your pets and ask if they can prescribe anxiety medications to help.



How to Settle Your Dog Into a New Home

Bring All the Old Dog Gear

Since you are in a new home, you may get the urge to replace all the old stuff to match the environment. For your pets, hold off your desire to purchase them new things and let your dog use their old stuff for now. Their old food and drink bowls, bed, blanket, and toys can help them relax and be comfortable in the home. If you want to buy them something, focus on chew toys instead of new gear.

Keep the Dog’s Old Routines

One great way to reduce the stress your dog feels in their new environment is by maintaining their routines. If you take them for walks regularly, do the same thing in your new environment. Keep doing the routine until they settle in nicely and add new ones later on. Your weekly agenda will likely to have changed considerably but if you walked them at 6pm every day after work, it is good to continue with the the same pattern for a while.

Lots of Opportunity to Release Energy

They say that if you have a tired and well-exercised dog, they will be easy to deal with no matter where they are. When you are in a new location, please give them a lot of exercises and make them do their routine walks or games longer. The more energy they use during these exercise activities, the easier it is for them to transition.

Give Your Dog Lots of Attention and Spend Quality Time

Moving is a stressful activity for everyone, and you will need to give everyone some care and attention during this adjustment period. Don’t hesitate in offering your pets love and take a short break to play with them. You are their best friend.

If you are going to move soon, read up on these tips to help your pets make your move flawless for everyone. Remember, every dog will react differently to a new environment, so you need to wait patiently. After a few days, you see that your dogs are back to their routine and excited to explore their new location.

Pets are a part of our family and I will move nowhere without my 3 adorable pets. Check out my other articles and follow my adventures in Malaysia! 

by: Kally Tay

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