5 Tips on Moving Abroad During Coronavirus

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Every expat knows how difficult it is moving abroad, especially if the country is far different from your home country.

Check all government requirements before booking you book your flight out @https://unsplash.com/@convertkitCheck all government requirements before booking you book your flight out @https://unsplash.com/@convertkit
Check all government requirements before booking you book your flight out by convertkit on Unsplash

However, with the onset of the coronavirus responses, relocation has become more stressful because travel restrictions for incoming foreigners vary considerably by country.

As vaccination rates are increasing, governments are lifting some COVID restrictions.You can still complete your move to a new country despite having to navigate a tough environment.

Here are five great tips you can apply while you plan to relocate overseas during COVID restrictions:

1. Check If It’s Safe

Before you pack, investigate the current situation in the country you are moving to and if you can proceed. Some countries have closed their borders to international travelers, while others accept travelers from countries with low rates of infection. You should also check the trends of cases daily to determine if it is safe to move.

2. Consider Your Risk Factors And Comfort Level

Aside from checking the current situation in the country to which you are moving, it is also best to check yourself and your family’s risk and comfort levels. According to studies and assessments, immunocompromised individuals and pregnant women are at high risk of COVID-related complications.

Ask yourself whether you will take the risk for yourself and your family if you are in a high-risk group. Your comfort level will tell you if you should move now or wait until later.

3. Know the Government Guidelines

You should also make it a point to see the current entry guidelines and health protocols in the country that you need to be aware of before you fly in. Some countries require you to take a COVID-19 test before you fly in and present your vaccine card. Others will require you to take the test, present your vaccination card, and go into quarantine before you enter the country. Make time for tests and quarantines in your schedule to reduce the stress of your move.

Once you are in the clear, you need to follow the health protocols and practice proper hygiene to reduce the risk of infections and escape the potential penalties of not abiding by them.

4. Sort Your Insurance

The COVID years have shown all of us that anything can happen in a short amount of time, especially in countries that report huge spikes of transmissions within a day. Some countries even shut down their borders to prevent further transmission.

Considering this possibility, you need to secure insurances policies to help you out financially if lockdowns catch you. Check your travel insurance, health insurance and even renter’s insurance.

5. Delay Or Postpone Moving Abroad If You Become Sick

Always stay alert of your symptoms @https://unsplash.com/@h_trautma
Always stay alert of your symptoms by h_trautma on Unplash

If you experience flu-like symptoms in the past few days, take a test and postpone your journey. It is even possible that the airline won’t allow you to fly if you display symptoms and even if you get to fly, the immigration officer at your destination may deny your entry because of the symptoms you are displaying.

There are other opportunities to execute your relocation; it is better to be safe than sorry.

When you decide to move abroad during coronavirus, it will still be a stressful experience, no matter how much you plan it in advance.

However, if you prepare in advance, do your research and have backup plans, it is possible that you can relocate, even during COVID. Make sure you consider all options before you go for it, because the risk of the virus is still there even if you are vaccinated.

For more tips before you make your move, follow me on my adventures in Malaysia!

by: Kally Tay

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