Why Medellin, Colombia, is Becoming Popular with Startups and Young Entrepreneurs

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Are you an entrepreneur in search of a startup home? Over the past five years Medellin, Colombia has become increasingly popular for startups and young entrepreneurs to start their businesses or non-profits. From Medellin’s affordable cost of living to year-round summer-like temperatures and vibrant culture, Medellin hits the mark for many looking to make the move abroad.

Medellin Co-Working Spaces

Step into one of Medellin's vibrant co-working spaces! Pablo Merchán
Step into one of Medellin’s vibrant co-working spaces! by Pablo Merchán

One reason I love Medellin is that it offers vibrant co-working spaces across the city.

From larger co-working spaces like WeWork and Selina in Poblado to Casa Redonda and Semilla Cafe and Co-working in Laureles, there are virtually endless choices of places that will inspire your creativity and networking in Medellin.

These co-working spaces offer countless opportunities for you to meet other entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, and startups.

Medellin’s Local Support for Entrepreneurs

Surrounded by Medellin's beautiful landscape, how could you not fall in love with Ruta N's beautiful environment? Pablo Merchán
Surrounded by Medellin’s beautiful landscape, how could you not fall in love with Ruta N’s beautiful environment? by Pablo Merchán

Besides co-working spaces, Medellin’s local government also offers incubators like Ruta N or Impact Hub.

Ruta N, located in the center of Medellin, was created by the local government to promote the development and innovation of technology-related businesses.

Medellin is increasingly becoming  the ‘Silicon Valley of South America.’ In addition to Ruta N, the Impact Hub with locations in over 50 countries is a global community of entrepreneurship and innovation that offers programs for incubators and accelerators for businesses.

Medellin’s Affordable Cost of Living and Lifestyle

Not quite sold yet? Besides offering an exciting atmosphere and culture of innovation and possibility, we also know Medellin as The City of Eternal Spring. Its location and pleasant climate make it an appealing location for entrepreneurs. With a time difference of just 1-3 hours between Colombia and the United States and international flights to the US, people working in Medellin can enjoy direct flights to its major hubs. Not only that, entrepreneurs love Medellin for its affordable cost of living and beautiful weather year-round. If you’re working on a startup and need to cut expenses, consider lowering your cost of living by moving to South America’s Silicon Valley.

The Startup Community in Medellin

Feeling thirsty? Check out 20 Mission's expat meet up events and social gatherings! Pablo Merchán
Feeling thirsty? Check out 20 Mission’s expat meet up events and social gatherings! by Pablo Merchán

Because Medellin has long been an attractive destination for digital nomads, entrepreneurs can easily grow their social networks and create a vibrant community of international, like-minded people.

One of the many things I love about Medellin is the amazing variety of social networking opportunities. From professional development workshops to language exchanges, my social calendar is always full!

Whether you are in the pre-pat process planning to move abroad, ready to start your business, or looking to surround yourself with like-minded inspiring entrepreneurs, Medellin should be at the top of your list as a place to start your new venture adventure! Be sure to share with us your other favorite startup locations! 

by: Erin Colton-Enberg