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Desserts of Colombia? Well, Colombia is not generally known for its desserts. Unlike France, Switzerland or even the U.S., most visitors forget there are traditional desserts here, too. Personally, I’m a bit of a chocoholic and thought little about Colombian desserts when I arrived. After staying in Medellin for a while, I came to enjoy some of the traditional treats they had to offer, and one in particular stood out for me.

Here are a few of the sweet delicacies of Colombia.

Desserts of Colombia: Arroz Con Leche

Arroz Con Leche by Unsplash
Arroz Con Leche by Unsplash

Like most S. American countries, rice is served with most meals in Colombia, so it shouldn’t be surprising that this dessert is on a list of popular Colombian treats. This is the Colombian version of rice pudding dish. It’s made by soaking cooked rice in milk for several hours and then combining it with condensed milk, cinnamon and sugar and bringing the mixture to a gentle boil.

The mixture is then left to cool and thicken, and served cold. It is creamy and sweet. This seems to be more popular during Christmas time.

Desserts of Colombia: Cocadas

One of the street vendor foods I came across was Cocadas. It was interesting to me at first because it’s a coconut patty and I wasn’t too sure how I would like it. They are more commonly eaten as a sweet snack than a real dessert. And you can find the best homemade ones from vendors on the street. The traditional variety is made with panela, or unrefined brown sugar cane. Brownish, the sugar accentuates the coconut.

Desserts of Colombia: Salpicón de Frutas

During my first week in Medellin, I took a food and cooking tour. The first thing our guide did was hand us a cup of Salpicón de Frutas. It’s basically a sweetened-up fruit salad/cocktail, which she said was very traditional in Colombia. Some Colombians grab this in the morning as their breakfasts. And because Colombia has so many tropical fruits to choose from for these fruit cups, it’s easy to get a variety in your morning cup.

The vendor chops up various fruits and puts them into a cup. Then, they fill the cup with Colombian soda. They can also be topped with condensed milk or whipped cream.

This was so good and refreshing. But my favorite of ALL…

Desserts of Colombia: Buñuelos

One dessert that kept coming on my radar was Buñuelos.

What’s a Buñuelos? That’s what I kept asking. So I had to find out.

Deserts of Colombia by Gail Turner Brown
Deserts of Colombia by Gail Turner Brown

Buñuelos are slightly larger than golf ball size, morsels of salty flour concocted from curd white cheese. They are rolled into a ball, then fried until golden brown.

Luckily, I lived in Sabaneta, the home of giant Buñuelos! In Sabaneta, next to Parque Sabaneta, next to the big church in the center of town, is the El Peregrino restaurant that is famous for its Buñuelos. This place makes normal size Buñuelos as well as some giant Buñuelos; they are HUGE!

I finally got my hands on one of these tasty treats, and they were delish! I like them best when hot. They are also super cheap! It’s kind of reminds you of a plain donut that can be rolled in sugar, chocolate or cinnamon. Yummy! I fast fell in love with these giant treats.

If you are visiting Medellin, get to Sabaneta, and head over to El Peregrino for some giant Buñuelos: the best of dessert of Colombia.

What’s your favorite dessert? Tell us about it.

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by: Gail Turner Brown