Working at Home and Remote Work

This opportunity has never been such an easy option. Digital nomads have enjoyed the freedom to roam for quite some time, mostly with their own online business or working freelance.

The pandemic saw many corporate offices sending their workforce home, and they fond that their people were equally or more productive and that there were many benefits to the company. Many companies will not be going back to the old way. It is now a feasible reality to live abroad and attend meetings online, and even flying home to the office headquarters }occasionally if need be.

Our LAfFF courses give a thorough grounding in organizing your remote work life. Read about LAfFF …

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This resource page contains

Essential Tools for Home Working and Productivity
Communication Software and Services
Virtual Assistants and Remote Employees


Productivity Tools for the Office at Home

There are many excellent tools out there that will make your work life easier whether you are an entrepreneur or a remote employee.


This section will be of interest to retired people also … we list the best software and services for effective video conferencing, low cost VOIP telephone calling, and more …

  • VOIP

  • VOIP

    The modern, work-from-anywhere solution for today’s agile, mobile, and always-on entrepreneurs.

    • Desktop, mobile, or IP phones
    • 24x7 Live Technical Support
    • Video Conferencing Included for All Users
    • No Contracts


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Virtual Assistants and Remote Employees

A remote assistant can help you grow your business by delegating tasks so that you can concentrate on what only you can do. You will find competent professionals at a lower hourly rate than you can earn yourself.

  • Remote Coworker inc

  • Remote Coworker inc

    Hire dedicated virtual professionals

    Here's how it works:

    • 1 Choose you plan
    • 2 Meet your assistant
    • 3 Schedule a kick-off meeting
    • 4 Breathe a sigh of relief
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  • Time Etc - US-based Virtual Assitants

  • Time Etc - US-based Virtual Assitants

    When it comes to virtual assistants you need to be certain you're making the right choice

    • Hundreds of 5* reviews
    • Affordable and easy
    • Flex up and down
    • Cancel any time
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