Why Boquete is the Best Place to Visit in Panama

by | Feb 14, 2022 | Panama | 1 comment

Boquete, a town that makes Panamanians think of hats, mittens, and scarves, and makes tourists think of luscious mountain trails and world-class coffee. The home to farmers, entrepreneurs, indigenous, and emigrants. A place of pure abundance in my eyes and the place I call home for now. Boquete is my perfect expat destination for the following six reasons:

1. Climate

Enter Boquete by Megan Thompson
Enter Boquete by Megan Thompson

I love sweaters… and socks. Some people don’t like this time of year in Boquete because of the strong, cold northern winds we get from December-March.

I live for this time of year. I get to put extra blankets on the bed and turn on the fireplace in the evening.

There are few places in Panama where you would actually want a fireplace in your home, so for me, the climate here is absolutely ideal, just chilly enough, but never below 50 degrees Fahrenheit.

2. Nature

The ecosystems all over Panama are beautiful, but I can’t get enough of the mountain landscapes in Boquete. Not to mention the exuberance of birds, flowers, and hiking trails. This place is absolutely a nature lover’s paradise. Get your camera ready if you come to visit. You’ll have all of your Facebook friends commenting “Wow” on your photos.

3. Coffee

Not just everyone’s favorite part of the morning, but also an integral part of the culture and history in Boquete. The town’s altitude and rich volcanic soil make it the perfect place to grow record-setting coffee beans. A delicious cup of joe is never too far away in this pueblo.

4. Community

Panama Coffee The Real Thing
By Megan Thompson

Probably one of the most important parts of picking your new home. You want to feel welcome and at home in your new neighborhood. The diversity of Boquete’s population is what makes it unique compared to other popular expat destinations. I am constantly meeting new people here from all over the world and all over Panama. I have friends from different social circles and paths of life here.

5. Location

Panama Coffee The Real Thing. by Megan Thompson
Panama Coffee The Real Thing. by Megan Thompson

Boquete is a very agile location. I can drive to the Pacific Ocean in under two hours and to the Caribbean Sea in under 4 hours.

I am just a 40-minute drive away from David, a major commercial center for shopping, and home to a domestic airport, where I can hop on a 30-minute flight to Panama City.

From Panama City, I can connect to most countries around the world, and, most importantly, I’m just a short flight away from my family in the United States.

6. Activity

Finally, I won’t get bored in Boquete. I’ve lived here for almost two years now, and there are still so many tours I want to do and trails I haven’t hiked yet.

There are many groups to get involved in and plenty of superb restaurants to go enjoy.

For me, Boquete is the total package, and if you say “Yea!” to everything on this list, then maybe it could be for you too. The only way to know is to come to check it out for yourself. I’ll be here to welcome you if you do. 

by: Megan Thompson