Huerto Roma Verde – A Must-Visit Place in Mexico City

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Where and What Is Huerto Roma Verde?

Located in the heart of Mexico City in the Roma district, you will find an urban garden in the middle of the city where various pro-environment, social, and cultural activities take place.

Recycling center by Tatiana Moreno
Recycling center by Tatiana Moreno

It’s called Huerto Roma Verde. From recycling to art fairs, exhibitions, and even a “Gatario” a place where over 30 cats live. It is as environmental as it is cultural, serving as a place for theater pieces, concerts, and movie functions.

After the earthquake of 1985, two big buildings collapsed, leaving the land where they stood abandoned for over 27 years.

It was then when in 2012, the “Huerto Roma Verde” was born out of the need to preserve that “green lung”, the community and social organizations came together to restore the space with the purpose of carrying out social-environmental projects that would benefit everyone.

What makes Huerto Rama Verde Unique?

Based on the belief in common welfare by taking care of the environment, it will contribute the same.

Urban garden by Tatiana Moreno
Urban garden by Tatiana Moreno

In the words of Paco Ayala, the founder, “when we work for the land, the land works for us”. There, right in the heart of the garden, you will find the orchard.

The birth of Huerto Roma Verde was inspired by the permaculture flower to create a sustainable culture, the holistic practice of the system allows to address common needs with the objectives of:

  • Identifying bio-social phenomena that are a byproduct of the development of the community.
  • Co-creating and establishing strategies that will contribute to gaining self-sufficiency.
  • Serving as a model for communities and cities of the future.
  • Contribute to everyone’s welfare.
Self-sufficient Bathrooms by Tatiana Moreno
Self-sufficient Bathrooms by Tatiana Moreno

During my visit, at the beginning of the month, I walked around and got lost in this amazing place. It almost feels like a sustainable city within Mexico City.

Though it remains closed because of the quarantine, many activities are taking place online. As an expat, I enjoy visiting community spaces where you get to interact with locals and other expats.

You get to take part in projects that benefit everyone, making you feel more settled and adapted.

You exchange ideas, learn and co-create together, getting fully immersed in the culture.

Don’t miss it when you come to the Mexican capital. And let us know about your experience.

by: Tatiana Moreno