How Hot is it in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico?

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“Welcome to paradise!” These were the words I heard repeatedly when I landed in Puerto Vallarta a few years ago. In February, when I touched ground, that phrase made perfect sense. But when the high humidity hit a few months later, I wasn’t so sure anymore.

What was a breezy and temperate paradise transformed into a wet and sticky situation, as Vallarta changed into a sauna – all summer long. As they say, it’s not the temperature, it’s the humidity!

As expats, though, we have to adapt and overcome. That I did, and now I’m sharing five ways to beat the heat in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

Puerto Vallarta – Kick it Poolside

Poolside Grooves (2021) by Dale Hanstad
Poolside Grooves (2021) by Dale Hanstad

In Puerto Vallarta and the surrounding areas, pools are plentiful. When the summer sun makes you think you can’t bare another minute of it, it’s time to dive into a swimming hole for a quick dip.

In Mexico, municipal swimming pools are hard to find, though. Instead, use the pool in your backyard, subdivision, or apartment complex.

Another option is checking into a hotel or beach club for the day. At least the fee often includes credit for food and beverage.

If you’re going to do a pool visit, you might as well make a day of it. Just don’t forget your sunblock!

Puerto Vallarta – Find A Spot in The Shade

Finding a Spot in the Shade by Dale Hanstad (2021)
Finding a Spot in the Shade by Dale Hanstad (2021)

Finding a spot in the shade is a great way to cool off when the temperatures get the best of us. Although the humidity is brutal from June through September, a shady picnic or nap certainly helps.

Luckily, when the humid season comes, the trees come to life. In the dry months, the leaves look a little sad, but we don’t rely on the shade as much then.

It’s all about balance, and mother nature provides it.

Find a restaurant with adequate sombra (shade), and order a margarita!

Puerto Vallarta – Vamos a la Playa

Beach in Bucerias by Dale Hanstad (2021)
Beach in Bucerias by Dale Hanstad (2021)

The whole draw of the Puerto Vallarta area, for most people, is the beach!

Whereas pools can be tricky to find, the beach is always an option. It’s also a popular choice with the locals.

Load up your cooler, grab your favorite beach blanket, and choose a good book.

You’ll be good to go!


Puerto Vallarta – Go Out at Night

Beach Bar at Night by Dale Hanstad (2021)
Beach Bar at Night by Dale Hanstad (2021)

Some people just don’t go outside during the day.

Instead, they lay back and relax with the air conditioning on full blast. When the sun goes down, they rise and depart.

Try heading to a palapa (a beach-style thatched roof building).

The open concept brings plenty of fresh air!


Puerto Vallarta – Here Comes the Rain Again

Rain in Puerto Vallarta by Dale Hanstad (2021)
Rain in Puerto Vallarta by Dale Hanstad (2021)

When the rain comes down, the temperatures fall a bit.

We like to take advantage of those moments here in Puerto Vallarta!

It’s a good time to run errands or do some work around the house.

Sometimes the power goes out because of the rain.

Just be prepared and make the most of a rainy afternoon.

Puerto Vallarta – Beat the Heat

The heat and humidity can be a killer in Puerto Vallarta, but that’s true in many climates around the world. The best advice is to keep a positive attitude. Find your own ways to beat the heat, and you’ll be just fine.

Do you live in a locale with high humidity? How do you like to keep cool? I’m curious!

by: Dale Hanstad