Antigua Food Bucket-List: Don’t Leave Without Trying This

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Antigua Guatemala is a foodie’s paradise. If you’ve ever visited, you would agree. If you haven’t, think Mayan culture mixed with Spanish traditions.

Antigua by Dawn Demeritte
Antigua by Dawn Demeritte

There are some similarities to Mexican cuisine but even where it’s similar—it’s uniquely its own.

Let’s take a little tour of delicious Antigua Food.

Everything you desire is at your fingertips, and you can spend as little or as much as you want.

Before moving on to other destinations, here are five must-have foods you should try before leaving Antigua.

Pollo Campero

This is a popular Guatemalan fried chicken brand. Don’t think Popeyes or KFC instead think homemade goodness and you may imagine just a quarter of how magical Pollo Campero is.

Fried Chicken by Patrick Le on Unspalsh
Fried Chicken by Patrick Le on Unsplash

I remember the first night I gave in and ordered Pollo Campero. I was volunteering at the hostel and I was starving. I had zero expectations, but when I opened the box; I saw it was a leg and chicken breast. I usually request leg and thigh, but this isn’t home. I saved the breast for last because it’s not my favorite, but it’s so filling.

I bit into it, and it felt as if time stopped. It was just me and this tender, juicy piece of chicken breast. It amazed me at how they got it so tender; it was practically falling off the bone. I’ve been an imaginary Pollo Campero ambassador since then. The fried chicken is amazing, the papas fritas (French fries) are amazing, the burritos, the salad. I have not ordered one bad thing from Pollo Campero yet. Make this your first or last stop. Either way, you’ll feel sorry for not discovering it sooner.

Antigua Food: Desayuno Tradicional

Desayuno Tradicional by Dawn Demeritte
Desayuno Tradicional by Dawn Demeritte

Breakfast in Antigua is unique. It consists typically of scrambled eggs, refried beans, tomato, avocado slices, thick tortillas, and plantains.

If you’re not used to eating plantains at every time of the day, get used to it.

Guatemalans love plantains and there’s no hiding it.

You can also opt for the typical American breakfast, but where’s the fun in that?

Antigua Food: Rellenitos

Remember what I said about plantains? I wasn’t kidding. If you have a sweet tooth, as I do, then this is definitely up your alley. Rellenitos are cooked plantains, made with bean paste, sugar, and cinnamon.

They’re deep-fried, tossed with icing sugar, and served with a chocolate dip. They’re an acquired taste, but if you love plantains, then you’ll eventually come around to loving this dessert.

Antigua Food: Coffee and Chocolate

Okay, hear me out. This isn’t revolutionary, but Guatemala is the coffee and chocolate headquarters. There are a thousand coffee workshops or plants, or activities for coffee or chocolate. You cannot have a conversation without coffee or chocolate being brought up.

If you frequent Starbucks, you’re drinking Guatemalan coffee without knowing, as Starbucks beans are from Guatemala or Ethiopia.

Whereas the chocolate conversation is different, Guatemala is the birthplace of chocolate, and the taste is phenomenal. Be sure to do a chocolate workshop and try everything chocolate including learning how the Mayans make chocolate tea and hot chocolate and the healing properties of it.

Antigua Food: Tostadas Guatemala

It’s always a good idea to snack. Tostadas are corn tortillas fried and topped with various toppings. But the most common toppings are refried beans, guacamole, onions, and powdered cheese. It doesn’t sound like much, but like most Guatemalan foods, it packs a surprising taste.

This list is only the start. There are so many things you must try before leaving. And if you can’t, you can always return.

If you’ve tried any of these, let me know which of these is your favorite!

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by: Dawn Demeritte