5 Great Coffee Shops to Work From in Antigua, Guatemala

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Being a digital nomad requires us to have fast and reliable internet, and strong coffee at all times. We need a place we can relax, enjoy a comfortable way of living but also do what’s required of us every day. Guatemala is a country known for quality coffee and chocolate houses, so any coffee house with high-speed internet and great coffee is a win. Here are five coffee shops you definitely would want to consider working from in Antigua.

Antigua Café: Union Cafe


Tanque La Unión By Dawn Demeritte
Tanque La Unión By Dawn Demeritte

I’m going to be honest, the internet here is a hit and miss but if you go on a day where it’s a hit, along with great selections of coffee, drinks, and foods, you’ll never want to leave.

It’s also super instagrammable.



Antigua Café: Fat Cat Coffee House

Fat Cat Coffee House by Dawn Demeritte
Fat Cat Coffee House by Dawn Demeritte

Don’t expect to get the best photos while working in here but the coffee is great. It’s tiny so if you want to work from here, go early as it fills quickly.

What I love about Fat Cat is the willingness to go the extra mile. My dad prefers dark roast coffee, and I was looking for some, and most places didn’t have any.

I messaged the IG and explained what I was looking for and the person said while they didn’t have a dark roast, the closest was an espresso roast that wasn’t available for retail but they’d sell it to me.

I purchased an extra one because of their willingness. Also, the Wi-Fi is fast.


Antigua Café: Coffea Cafés Especiales


CoffeeA by Dawn Demeritte
CoffeeA by Dawn Demeritte

When I first heard about this coffeehouse, the person said their coffee sometimes has mint or lavender aromas. I was intrigued, but it took me a while to visit.

I wish I went sooner. It is connected to the co-working space, Impact Hub, which allows you to buy a day pass that comes with unlimited coffee and tea for only 8.00 USD.

If you’re looking for a co-working space, then that’s perfect, if you just want somewhere to sit and do work for a few hours, this coffee shop is perfect.

The Rose Latte was delicious and incredibly cheap. If you’re not careful, the entire day can pass you by while you order snack after snack. It’s not a bad day to have!

The coffee is affordable, delicious, and you can enjoy a perfect view.

Antigua Café: Cafe Boheme

What you’ll notice about Antigua is most coffee shops are also bakeries which are amazing because they make the most delicious pastries and they’re super cheap. Cafe Boheme is a delicate French restaurant that is a coffee shop by day and a lovely restaurant at night. It’s located a just few steps away from the Square, and the location is perfect. It’s typically not busy during the day, so you can work from the rooftop, drink delicious coffee and eat wonderful French pastries. The only thing I don’t like is there aren’t a lot of outlets, so if you choose this make sure your laptop is charged.

Antigua Café: Saúl Bistro

Similar to Cafe Boheme, Cafe Saul is also a chic restaurant throughout the day. And everything is fantastic, here, especially the Wi-Fi. If you prefer to work at a table while having lunch, that’s an option, too, while enjoying the café atmosphere. Whatever your heart desires, you can get at Saúl. It’s easy to walk into Saul and forget you’re in a cafe and that’s why it’s one of my most favorite places to work from.

Antigua Guatemala is filled with so many coffee gems. There’s always a nook you can curl in and work from the only issue is not everywhere has good working internet. So when you’re looking for cafes or even an Airbnb, consider asking them the Wi-Fi speed to save yourself some time.

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Whether expat or visitor, what are your favorite Digital Nomad hangouts? Share those secret places with us. I did my bit. Over to you!

by: Dawn Demeritte