Why 2021 Could be the Right Time to Move Abroad

by | Feb 14, 2022 | Global | 1 comment

While sipping a pina colada on a tropical beach in Mexico or going wine tasting through the vineyards in Argentina may feel like a distant dream, 2021 could be just the time for you to make the move abroad after all. Between the financial advantages of working remotely and cheaper travel costs, now could be the moment to pack your bags and set up your life abroad.

Move Abroad: Financial Advantages

Imagine waking up here and starting your workday! by Erin Colton
Imagine waking up here and starting your workday! by Erin Colton

For those who have always worked as digital nomads, living abroad is a no-brainer to enjoy a cheaper cost of living and an adventurous lifestyle. With the pandemic, millions of people have set up their workstations at home and are working remotely, leaving the office lifestyle in the past. Working from home offers a wealth of options in terms of living situations. Many of my peers have moved back in with their parents, and others are choosing to move abroad. If you could live on just 1,000 USD / month in Colombia, for example. The financial benefits are often a deciding factor that draws people to move to another country while maintaining a job back home.



Visas for Digital Nomads. Yes, Really!

 While working and traveling on a tourist visa is considered illegal in many countries, there are places that have created ‘digital nomad’ visas for those looking to move abroad as a way of simultaneously helping local economies. Dubai, Estonia, Spain, Germany, Czech Republic, Mexico, Georgia and Costa Rica to name a few, are countries offering versions of long-stay digital nomad visas. For those not looking to make as long a commitment, countries without travel restrictions allow tourists for 90-180 days to visit and break up your routine.

Sightseeing Like Never Before

With so many expats making the decision to return to their home countries during the pandemic, and the overall drop in tourism around the world, many cities have returned to a slower pace, free of crowds. Now you can enjoy cities like a local! Just recently, I visited a local town outside of the city of Medellin called Guatape,  and the town was virtually empty! I felt like I had stepped back in time and was the first tourist to have ever set foot in the quaint town.

Learning Another Language

One of the many benefits of moving abroad is learning another language and culture.

Stroll through quaint towns and enjoy sightseeing without crowds.
Stroll through quaint towns and enjoy sightseeing without crowds.

Even if you have postponed your international move until after the pandemic, you can still get a head start on learning another language. Download an app, take an online class, attend a language exchange! There are many ways to learn, even from the comfort of your own home.

Of course, making the move abroad is a very personal decision and can seem overwhelming, particularly during a worldwide pandemic. Keep an eye on the situation of the virus scare at your potential destination and watch for any changes in travel restrictions. Soon the day will come where we can travel freely again.

Why not get ahead of the new expat crowd and start the planning process now? 

by: Erin Colton