How to Travel When You’re Broke

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It would be great if you had all the money in the world to travel, but sometimes that just isn’t the case. In fact, the urge to see the world can hit you when you can least afford it. But don’t give up–here are a few ways to travel with minimal impact on your wallet.

If You Want to Minimize Your Accommodation Costs: is a social network where users offer and search for accommodations. It is the go-to platform for finding free places to stay anywhere in the world. You can come across homes that offer actual sofas to sleep on as well as rooms or even houses in which trust and solidarity are key.

Home Exchanges

Surfing for board Taylor Hernandez
Surfing for board Taylor Hernandez

With home exchanges, you can register your house on some of the main websites for free and get in contact with travelers from other parts of the world.

You simply agree with them on the dates you both wish to travel and of course, the conditions you each have for the care and keeping of your home.

Although doing an exchange is totally free, you may need to pay a small amount per year to register your home. The main home exchange platforms are and

Lodging in Exchange for Pet Care

Pets and even plants are often a problem when you have to leave town for than a few days or going on vacation, but thanks to certain web pages, you can get someone that you deem reliable to be a caretaker in return for having a place to stay. Naturally, it works both ways, so if you need a place to stay, taking care of a pet is a small price to pay– and if you love animals, it can be fun as well. You can try


Volunteering is another great way to work in exchange for food and lodging, plus, it’s a wonderful opportunity to give back to society and feel useful! Volunteering can help you grow as a person and provide intellectual and emotional stimulation. It’s also great to help you stay active if the job involves physical work. Look for volunteering options in the country and city of your choice and you’re sure to come across many great alternatives to choose from.

At you will find a lot of options to volunteer for a few hours in exchange for accommodations and food.

If you want to minimize your transportation costs:


This has to be the most common way to travel without spending a single penny, just raise a thumb and wait for a kind person who can give you a ride.

Thumbs up Atlas Green
Thumbs up Atlas Green

Good presence and smiling are key and can really increase your chances of getting to where you need to be.

Also, keep in mind, that this isn’t always the safest way to get around, so be sure to let a friend or family member know where you’re headed.

Take a photo of the license plate and send it to a family member before you get into the car, and keep some pepper spray in your bag because well, you never know!

Remember that if you don’t get a good vibe from the driver, you can always respectfully decline the ride.

Traveling by boat

If your destination lies at the other end of the ocean or maybe even a lake, you can get there totally free by using a boat. Just offer to work for a few hours on a yacht, sailboat, or any boat in exchange for a trip.

Ride a bike

This is the simplest means of transportation yet, and it’s also the one with the most benefits. In most countries, you can find affordable bike rentals that can come in handy when you need easy transportation for the day. If you’re going to be needing it for a while, try purchasing a cheap used one. This way, you can move around the city for free and get some exercise at the same time!

Know of any more ways to travel while broke? Share them in the comments below!

by: Carolina Salazar