How to Get Over Your Expat Fears

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Have you found that you need a change in your life? Are you feeling restless in your current job? Once you decide to make a change and move abroad, it is totally normal for many expat fears and doubts to arise. What if I make the wrong decision? Is this expat thing a good idea? Will I get homesick? While the list of questions and unknowns may be long, you are not the first person who has made this journey, and we are here to help make your transition go smoothly.

Countering Expat Fears: Be clear on your WHY

Being clear on your own personal motivations WHY you want to become an expat will help you transition to your life abroad.

  • Is it to meet new people?
  • Is it to challenge yourself to learn a new language?
  • Is it to live elsewhere and get out of your comfort zone?
  • Do you have a new and exciting job opportunity?

No matter what the reason is for thinking about your move, having clarity on what your motivations are to move abroad, and why you are looking to change your life, will help guide you as you make the leap!

Countering Expat Fears: Connect With Fellow Expats

Looking into the future by Erin Colton-Enberg
Looking into the future by Erin Colton-Enberg

The good news is, you are not the first person to move abroad. In fact, millions of people around the globe have already left their home countries to move away.

Connecting with the knowledgeable TCI community and joining relevant expat Facebook groups are great ways to connect with people who have the knowledge and experience to answer questions that you may have.

One of the bigger challenges that people face while living abroad is homesickness, missing their home country and family. But a strong network of fellow expats will help make this process much smoother. Over the past six years of expat life in Colombia, and most recently in France, my circle of friends has made all the difference in being able to settle into my new place.

Countering Expat Fears: Learning a New Language

It's never to late to learn! By Erin Colton-Enberg
It’s never too late to learn! By Erin Colton-Enberg

If you are moving to a new country that speaks another language, getting acquainted with some survival vocabulary and expressions is a practical way to not feel as lost when you arrive.

Download apps like Duolingo, or Babbel, which are great and free options to help you build some useful vocabulary even before you go!

Take part in language exchanges to meet new people and improve your language skills when you arrive.

Still feeling nervous about your move abroad? No worries. Join our alliance of expats and prepats, who have the experience and knowledge to help you make your move a reality. Remember, you are not alone in this process, and we are excited to hear what has made your move abroad a success! For more information and tips, visit our website and become part of our expat alliance! 

by: Erin Colton-Enberg