How does Expat Life Affects Your Child’s Education

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An Important Expat Consideration – Your Child’s Education

As an expatriate or expat, one worry you may have is your child’s education. No matter where you go, your children’s’ education is of paramount importance.

Education in a foreign country may be challenging for kids and adults. Unsplash@alvisonhunter
Education in a foreign country may be challenging for kids and adults. By Alvison Hunter

But moving to a new country can mean a quality of education that’s different from what you desire for our kids.

Finding a suitable school for your children with your allotted budget can be an arduous task because foreign education can ultimately affect your children’s way of learning.

Some general factors include the current and host-country’s differences in the education system, teaching methods, curriculums, even the culture of learning.

If you are planning to move with your children to a new country, here are some things you would want to consider.

Younger Children vs Older Children

The first thing you need to know about moving your child overseas is how they will accept their new environment. Younger children are more flexible and would find it much easier to learn and adapt to a foreign school. As a result, they can blend well with their peers and even learn the new language faster than their parents.

In contrast, older children may find it harder to adapt to a new school, especially if they have to leave close friends behind. They may develop mood swings or rebellious behavior and may find it difficult to perform well in that strange environment at first.

Curriculum Difficulties

We know that schools worldwide vary, especially with the curriculum they offer. If you decide to enroll your child in a foreign school, expect that your children may face subjects they have never studied before, which may put their performance behind others. Although this problem can be remedied by additional tutoring and enrolment to an IB program, your children’s school history and performance before the move will still be important factors for their improvement.

Culture shock

Trying to make new friends can be difficult, especially if they were brought up in different cultures and traditions. Language can also contribute to some difficulty in understanding locals. When your children learn and get used to the language, the first few months can be a hurdle on their school performance because they may prioritize fitting in the group rather than focusing on their schoolwork.

New Skillset

Fitting into the new culture may be more important than schoolwork for children
Fitting into the new culture may be more important than schoolwork for children

One benefit of moving your children to a school in a new country is that they may find it easier to learn new skills in an environment that will allow them to explore the subjects they have never encountered before.

Their experience of living in a different country and the skills they learn during their stay can help them when they grow older.

Social Interactions

Networking is another benefit of expat life to your children’s education. It can improve their social interactions with other people and teach them to respect and understand different cultures and traditions.

Moving your child to a new school, particularly in a new country, will always be stressful for the child, and parents may even experience a level of guilty-feeling. The adjustment stages for each child will be different, and some may take longer to adapt. However, when you give your children the support they need, they will discover that the current changes in their lives are not so bad after all.

by: Kally Tay