Five Jobs You Can Do As a Digital Nomad

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Moving to another country can be daunting, especially when you’re worried about how to support yourself. But you can breathe easily because a lot of your corporate skills are transferrable skills for working remotely. Even the ones you overlook. Here are five jobs you could do as a digital nomad.

Digital Nomad: Blogging

Blogging Photo by Dawn Demeritte
Blogging Photo by Dawn Demeritte

Just like this blog you’re reading, many travelers turn to writing to share their first-hand information with readers like you.

The thing with blogging is most people think it’s easy to just write and build an audience, it’s harder than it looks.

Most bloggers have been blogging for years and it has taken them years to master the art. But don’t allow this to stop you from trying.

Explore a niche, master it, and start blogging. A quicker way to gain experience is to pitch yourself to brands in need of what you can offer.

See what they’re missing and offer to be that missing piece for them. Outside of this, bloggers make money with affiliate marketing, ads, and sponsored posts.

2. Digital Nomad: English Teachers

This is the most popular way Digital nomads find work to support themselves. English teachers are always in demand as everyone wants to learn English. There are ways to teach online or in-person in various countries. The online options are VIPKid, QKids, or SayABC.

If you’re fluent in other languages, there are opportunities for you as well.

3. Digital Nomad: Virtual Assistants (VA)

Virtual Assistants<br />By stilclassics
Virtual Assistants By stilclassics

If you’re a digital worker like I am, scheduling meetings on Google Calendar and linking it to Zoom comes naturally. Or even balancing various documents on the Google Suite. But did you know people are paying for others that know how to do this to help them get organized?

They’re called Virtual Assistants, and they’re vital in small and large companies that need to get work done. A virtual assistant provides administrative and specialist support to entrepreneurs, small business owners, and larger corporations.

Some work VA’s are hired to do is email management, travel management, and personal tasks.

All the tasks most of us do for ourselves other people are looking to hire for themselves.

4. Digital Nomad: Start A Drop-Shipping Business

Maybe you don’t want to work for someone else, maybe you have a great idea for a store you always wanted to run. What better time than the present? If you’re traveling full-time, chances are you need something that doesn’t require you to ship physical items out or to be present, which is why drop-shipping may be the easiest thing for you.

Drop-shipping allows you to set up an online store, design products, and sell without ever touching a product. Unless you order one to promote your business. It sounds easy, but to be successful, you’ll have to learn a few fundamental skills such as website building, social media marketing, and search engine optimization (SEO) to start with.

5. Digital Nomad: Create Your Position

The best thing I’ve found in this digital space is a lot of skills we have that we take for granted are needed by someone else. As a digital nomad, if you’ve read this list and still aren’t convinced, then create your position. You have a story that someone needs to hear, and you have a skill that can help someone. But you need to figure out what’s the skill and who needs it.

If being a digital nomad is absolutely what you want to do, then take a few days or weeks and figure out what your skill is, what you want to do, and get started. There are so many jobs you can do as a digital nomad. Don’t overthink, don’t overcomplicate it, it will take time, but you just must start.

There are thousands of jobs you can do while traveling, this is just a brief list to get you started.

If there is something you’ve always wanted to do, my advice is to start it. If you don’t have tons of experience, offer it for free for someone who needs it, under-promise, and over-deliver it, and then ask them to provide a testimonial for the service done. That way when you start, you have a portfolio, and you have a list of satisfied customers that will gladly recommend you to anyone.

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by: Dawn Demeritte