Five Countries Where You Can Earn More as an Expat

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Many people move to other countries for work because of the financial benefits it can offer them. Companies overseas may pay more than local companies for certain jobs, especially if the job pool for that position is tiny. But not all countries can guarantee high pay, which aspiring expats should know before they accept a position in the country.

To help you out, here are five countries you should consider if you want to earn more as an expat:


Where the action is trapnation
Where the action is trapnation

Japan ranks high in the list of countries expats can earn more because of its small employee pool and aging population.

Incomes can start around $48,177 for a mid-level career and it can go up to $238,248 for a senior position.

Companies also offer full health coverage and accommodation assistance to make it more appealing to expats. You will need to contend with the language the country uses and conform to its culture.

The country is looking for skilled professionals in the science, technology and business sectors.


China is the second-largest economy in the world, and it is looking for professionals who can work in its IT and science industries. Although China also has a large population, IT and science specialists are in short supply. They also look for workers with extensive job experience to ensure they get better products.

Salary packages for expats in China can be as high as $376,400 for a mid-level position. They will also include benefits like health insurance and living costs.

Expats will also need to contend with the language barrier when they move to China, and there are areas that may have higher living costs. But if you are ready for the challenge, you may establish yourself in the country easily.


Australia is one of the Pacific’s highest expat recruiters, especially for the service and management sector. Salaries can go as high as $264,963 per year if you reach the top positions. You will also love working in Australia because of its living standards and the lifestyle it offers.

But there are some downsides to working in Australia that any expat would want to consider. First, the high taxes may chip away at your benefits package every year depending on the sector. You will also need to get an employer to sponsor you to streamline your application.


In Europe, France is one leader in AI, IT, and innovation. They are always looking for skilled workers from various countries and if you live in China, India or in the Middle East, your chances of scoring the job are higher.

Getting a work visa in France is much easier thanks to the improved visa requirements set by the current administration. Startups may accept workers more easily and pay can be anywhere from $40,000 to $250,000 per year.


O Cananda! thegalaxyshooter
Oh Canada! by thegalaxyshooter

Canada is a country for highly skilled professionals that would like to earn a lot of money. S

tarting salary for mid-level positions can be around C$90,000 or more per year, while those in senior levels can expect salaries as high as C$180,000 per year.

Most of the job openings in Canada focus on the goods, transportation, engineering and construction industry, but there are also others that require experts in the field.

Pay may also vary depending on your current experience, which is good if you want to move up on your career path.

Final thoughts

Don’t be afraid to move to a different country if you want to make a name for yourself in your chosen industry. But before you move, do your research on which countries will work for you and the job openings available.

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by: Kally Tay