Expose, Educate, Encourage – Expat Mental Meanderings

by | Mar 17, 2022 | Global | 1 comment

Host: Darrell Forte Dreaming of moving abroad but don’t know where to start? So many of our expats say: “Gosh, I wish I had done this sooner!” If you’re intimidated by obstacles like visas, housing, or medical needs, let us help you so you can stop worrying and start planning. Join a group of expats that will educate you, support you, and help you get out of your own way so you can jumpstart your own expat journey and make a smooth transition to a new way of living.

–Chapters 📃—

  • 00:00 Intro
    1:07 Why We Do What We Do
    2:47 How We Do What We Do
    3:34 Exposure to New Ideas
    5:22 Education on How to Make the Leap
    7:07 Encouragement Rooted in Community
    8:05 Recap
    8:17 Upcoming Videos – Have You Ever Given Some Thought to Expatriation as a Financial Strategy?