Expats Excel at Creative, Money-Making Businesses

by | Feb 17, 2022 | Global | 1 comment

I love having fresh hummus delivered weekly to my front door! This is but one of many of the services that local expats have developed into business options. Remember the old adage, “Find a need and fill it.”

By highlighting a number of these local entrepreneurial enterprises, I hope to convey a sense of the innovation and originality of the European and North American (mostly) immigrants to my South American colonial city of Cuenca, Ecuador.

Pies and pubs

When her hotel-restaurant business failed this past summer, one long-term expat from France introduced a fresh pie delivery operation.  It has thrived during the November and December holidays.  Her clients include individuals, home parties, and some gringo-oriented restaurants.

Here's to entrepreneurial success Wil Stewart
Here’s to entrepreneurial success by Wil Stewart

Two Texan expats have established a stable and fun micro-brew pub here.  They draw crowds with daily food specials and their food-beer combos.  Recently I took some guests from Wales to their pub and the owners were thrilled with a thumbs-up rating from them.

I sent another guest (from the London area) to their pub as she was intrigued by their brewing process.

Several expats here have become quite well-known as writers and video journalists.  Their commentary ranges on the local cuisine, sights to be seen and country politics (from an outsider’s perspective).

Cooking something up

Expat diversity here is best exhibited in the food arena.  Expat restaurants serve, for example, the cuisine of Peru, France, India, China, Colombia, Austria, Vietnam, Mexico, Thailand, Italy, Spain, Japan, Argentina, Morocco and much more.

Got the blues? Samuel Fyfe
Got the blues? by Samuel Fyfe

A monthly raw food cooking class is led by another local expat.  Her formula works since those in the class get to eat their creations on the spot!

Many expats are involved in the music scene.  A popular blues band is made of high-quality players that also do solo gigs as well.  One member of this band also finds time to make unique pottery and teach an archery class.

Two other members teach music classes.  An expat from New York City has been the driving force of the local jazz society for the past five years.

One expat from Italy has a massage practice here, another teaches fly-fishing, and another specialized in internet security.

The list could go on and on and you get my point by now.  I am convinced that life as an expat brings out the latent creativity in many.  Perhaps necessity plays an important role as well.  Nonetheless, I find the pattern unavoidable.  Expats, in general, seem to have given themselves permission to pursue their dreams and new lives with increased vigor and commitment.

How would you rate your progress in achieving a life compatible with your deepest desires?  If you are not where you want to be as of this moment what is holding you back?  Are you able to identify any self-imposed limitations?

Sometimes being an expat can provide the motivation you need to pursue your dream. Let us know what you are trying to achieve. We want to hear all about it.