Expat Planning: Moving Your Family-Part 4

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Well, it’s that day– moving day! You are excited, tired, anxious, frustrated, happy, and a whole host of other juxtaposed antonymous feelings all jumbled into one weird sentiment. So, how did you get here?

All my bags are packed
All my bags are packed

Rewind to nine months ago when you made the firm decision to make the move. There were a lot of decisions that had to be made.

Do you sell all your stuff or do you get a container and take it with you? How do you manage and access your finances when you get there?

Do you start your residential visa process now before you move or do you do so after you get there?

Do you rent a place sight unseen for a few months and then look around when you get there or are there other options?

The questions seem endless and the challenge may seem daunting, but actually, they aren’t. It’s a lot like building a brick wall.

You look at a huge pile of bricks and throw your hands up at the overwhelming thought of the job at hand.

One Step After Another

Then you realize that there is really only one way to build a brick wall, that’s by laying down one brick at a time. The most important thing you can do is just GET STARTED!!

Each brick in this illustration symbolizes a decision you have to make. So, get out a piece of paper or jump on the computer and start listing out the big decisions you have to make first. These will determine and drive several smaller action items.

Here’s a biggie. Sell off everything or get a container? I use this issue as my example to highlight the extremely personal nature of most of these decisions.

In my case, I brought my stuff on a container. Why? I wanted to minimize the emotional impact of the move on my family, especially my kids. New country, new school, new house, new food, new friends, old bed, old furniture, old pictures, old pots, and pans! Just like home!

It worked out great for my family and me and it met our needs at that point in time. Pretty personal and specific right? That’s the point. It is. Listen to pointers and advice you hear from us and others, but translate all of that into your own family terms which only you will know.

Here is another biggie that you just need to wrap your head around from now on. The nature and character of efficiency and the appreciation for time and timeliness vary greatly in different countries.

On a Different Clock

Whatever dealings you have in that country, you are going to most likely take more time than anticipated. Period. Hmm…let me say that once more for emphasis. Whatever dealings you have in that country, you are going to most likely take more time than anticipated. PERIOD!

It is worse in some areas versus others, but pretty much a universal theme. So, start early. When problems come up, fix them. Complaining about things has a really bad result. It gets you nowhere really fast.

Dealing With Governmental Agencies

One brick at a time
One brick at a time

This is particularly true when dealing with government agencies.

Dot all your “I’s” and cross all your “T’s” with everything you do, every form you fill out, and every agreement you sign.

Pay attention to the details, the devil will be hiding within!

Long story short:

Fast-forward to today. Yeah…moving day! You have said your good-byes, gotten your hugs and kisses and shed your tears. It’s all good!

Safe travels to your new home.

We want to hear your stories about the big move. Share them with us.

by: Darrell Forte