Expat Insights: Another Reason to Learn the Language

by | Mar 17, 2022 | Global | 1 comment

Video Description

So, you’ve dreamed of moving to France your whole life, but maybe your French isn’t as great as it could be. What better way to learn than by taking the plunge and absorbing the language once you’re there? Your social life will be so much richer once you can truly immerse yourself in your new home. Take it from someone who knows.

This week, Darrell Forte chats with Maday Carnley, who moved to France four years ago and did exactly that. Darrell and Maday are just two of the countless expats that TCI can connect you with to open up discussions and ask direct questions about the places you’re interested in visiting or moving to in the future. Their experiences can be your resources: www.tci-intl.com

— Chapters —

0:00 Intro
1:08 Why it’s worth it to learn the local language
1:52 Maday’s lightbulb moment
2:33 Being able to choose your community
5:07 Having a richer experience in the country you live in
6:53 Long term happiness depends on emotional connection
7:27 The expat community is wonderful, but it’s not everything
8:35 Speaking the local language means choosing your friends
10:16 Don’t forget your emotional needs 12:09 Bonding with your neighbors 1
3:35 Learn a new language to share your humor
15:45 Connect with us at TCI for more tips