Must Have Apps For Life in Paris

by | Feb 11, 2022 | France | 1 comment

Arriving in a new city can be an overwhelming experience. Whether you are looking to eat, sleep, drink, or sightseeing, it is hard to imagine traveling without the ease of our smartphones. Paris is a fantastic city to explore, and we have tracked down some of the best apps to have on hand to make your life in Paris easier.

Apps for Paris: Doctolib

Doctolib by Doctolib
Doctolib by Doctolib

Need to schedule a doctor’s appointment, but not sure where to start? Doctolib is my go-to app for scheduling appointments and finding medical providers.

You can search by type of service, language spoken, and price, and the beauty of France is that healthcare is relatively affordable.

Doctolib connects you with thousands of healthcare providers and also allows you to keep track of your healthcare history. This is truly a must-have!

Apps for Paris: Velib

Velib by Alison Browne
Velib by Alison Browne

For those who like to explore by bike, Velib is my go to app when I want to rent a bicycle.

Even though I brought my bike with me from the States, I love this option for friends who come to visit. Velib offers thousands of bikes, both regular and electric with rechargeable stations all around the city.

There are also Velib stations in 60 different towns outside of Paris, so you will always have access to a bike wherever you go.


Apps for Paris: Deliveroo

The concept of Deliveroo is simple; it allows you to order from your favorite restaurants and takeout places in Paris, and they deliver right to your door. Regardless of what you are craving, this app will satisfy your appetite!

Apps for Paris: Moovit

Paris has a vast metro system that can be intimidating to navigate. I recommend downloading Moovit, an app that helps you to get from A to point B faster. Moovit gives you real-time updates on traffic, schedules, and any issues on public transit, so you can plan accordingly.

Apps for Paris: Tous Anti Covid

During times of Covid, Tous Anti Covid is an app that is now required for getting into public places around the city. Everyone who has received a COVID shot must register with this application. Its QR code allows you to enter supermarkets, museums, public transportation and restaurants. While this app is controversial, it is currently mandatory for everyone who has received a vaccination.

Apps for France French Dictionary

Parlez-vous Francais? For those who don’t speak French, downloading a French / English (or whatever your native language may be) dictionary can be incredibly helpful when learning basic phrases when traveling or living in France. There is a stereotype in France that people are not as friendly to foreigners, but if you show respect by learning a few words and phrases, the French will appreciate your efforts.

Having these apps can make your life easier when navigating Paris. But here is a question for the seasoned traveler and expat: what are your go-to apps when going abroad? Let us know!

by: Erin Colton-Enberg