How to Make Money as an Expat in France

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Starting a life in a new country means finding creative ways to earning money. It isn’t always easy moving abroad, especially when the cost of living is higher (bonjour, Paris!). I recently moved from Medellin, Colombia, to Paris, France to join my partner and start a new chapter of my expat life. However, the cost of living in France is far higher here. This means I have had to find new and creative ways to generate extra income as I get settled in my new home.

Paris, France: Teach English Online

Who is ready to learn?
Who is ready to learn?

Teaching English online is always a go-to for a native of C1 level people looking to make extra money while living a nomadic lifestyle. Teaching English online has the potential to pay well, ranging from $10-$15 USD / hour on platforms like Cambly or iTalki, and up to $25-40 USD / hour on platforms like GoGoKid, Preply and VIPKid. It is also a job that only requires a working computer, a solid internet connection, headphones and a good microphone, so it is a flexible option. Be sure to check the different platforms for their own teaching requirements.

Give Private Classes / Tutoring

In France, private tutoring can be an incredibly lucrative way to make money on the side. Generally, English is a well sought-after language, and people will pay good money for English classes. Depending on experience, schedule and distance traveled to the lesson (if it is online, or in-person for example), you can charge anywhere between $20-45 USD. I have picked up some extra English teaching hours with a family, and it has been a great way to generate extra income.

Nanny (Nounou)

Nanying is another popular way to make money in France. Many families seek English-speaking nannies to look after their kids throughout the summer, or even someone who is available all year round for picking up the kids after school. The average pay for a nanny is around $13 USD / hour and can be a great opportunity if you are looking to pick up some extra cash (and practice your French!)

Pet Sitting & House Sitting

Are you a cat person or a dog person?
Are you a cat person or a dog person?

While pet sitting and house sitting rarely pay per se, many people seek these types of opportunities for a free place to stay. One of my favorite sites for finding pet sitting opportunities is Trusted House Sitter, which allows you to search for house sitting and pet sitting opportunities by city. When the cost of living is expensive, this is a fantastic way to save a month of rent.



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by: Erin Colton-Enberg