Favorite Cafes and Co-Working Spaces in Paris, France

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For digital nomads, finding a great workspace is key to productivity and success. Since I have moved to Paris, France, two months ago, I have been hunting for a great space to work outside of my tiny apartment. This all sparked from an initial frustration of getting ready for an afternoon meeting at a coffee shop when someone suddenly asked me to close my laptop because the lunch hour was starting.

Panicking, with no backup plan of where to work, I had to postpone my meeting. In France, working during the sacred lunch hour is not considered normal as it may be elsewhere. It is also more difficult to find a great space to work during the day. For this reason, I teamed up with some of my fellow digital nomad friends and got their insights into their favorite cafes and co-working spaces in Paris, France.

Paris, France: Mignon Cafe

Cute Coffee by Mignon Cafe by Erin Colton
Cute Coffee by Mignon Cafe by Erin Colton

As a long-term digital nomad living in Paris, Jay has found it difficult to find a cost-effective cafe and co-working space that is good for getting work done during the day. As someone who mostly works from home, it took him some effort to find his favorite spots. He recommends Mignon Cafe in the 18th district of Paris. It offers great cafe vibes and is computer friendly. He also suggests WeWork if you want more of an office feeling.

Paris, France: Le10h10

Coworking by Le10h10 Cafe by Erin Colton
Coworking by Le10h10 Cafe by Erin Colton

Saul moved from Medellin, Colombia, to Paris in 2019 to pursue his coffee business WeKoffee where he also works as a freelance graphic designer. Most co-working spaces close at 6-7 pm. But Saul works independently for a company in San Francisco, CA. This means that he sometimes works unconventional hours and late nights. Le10h10 offers an extended schedule, till — you guessed it — 10:10 pm!

“I love the environment and theor retro style. They really understand the needs of people who work remotely. It feels like you are working from home, but with a communal vibe.”

Saul [Digital Nomad, Paris].

To learn more about Le10h10 and their prices and offerings, click here.

Paris, France: The Centre Pompidou – The Kandinsky Library

Centre Pompidou Library by Bruno Texier
Centre Pompidou Library by Bruno Texier

As a digital nomad myself, one of my favorite places to work in Paris is The Centre Pompidou Library in the heart of Le Marais neighborhood. If you love an academic atmosphere (not to mention art), this is a great free option for getting work done. Make sure you make a reservation, because they can limit opening times and number of people allowed in because of COVID restrictions.

Paris, France: Anticafe

Javi, originally from Madrid, Spain, moved to Paris just before COVID hit. Since then, he has worked remotely for many years. Earning his living from home was nothing new to him. However, now that Paris is coming back to life, he is looking for a more social workspace during the day. He recommends Anticafe, which is a network of co-working spaces around France and a great option for digital nomads. Javi loves their flexible hours and unlimited coffee! (Always a bonus).

Here are some more of my favorite digital nomad workspaces in Paris:

  • Mason de Metallos
  • Station F
  • Hubsy Cafe & Co-working
  • Le Permanence


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by: Erin Colton-Enberg