TCI’s Camera Recommendations

We have some photographers within the TCI team. They have been through the best options available and have made a selection of the best value-for-money and best quality at a variety of price points and purposes.

Compact Cameras (pocket sized)

The modern compact cameras have great photo and video capabilities, and even powerful zoom lenses. The lack the quality of larger lenses but unless you are going to print at large sizes you might not notice. Most can also be hooked up to your video for a better quality webcam for your video calls.

Cameras – General

This category of camera has larger lenses and sensors, and so we can expect a higher image quality, in both focus clarity and depth of colors and tones.
Many are DSLR fans (digital single lens reflex), but the new breed of mirrorless cameras offer the same quality at a fraction of the weight. That is a consideration not to be scoffed at when you’re going to be carrying it around all day!

Here is our pick for you.

Cameras – Premium Quality

These cameras would be the choice of pros. 

Here is our pick for you.

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