Organizations Helping People in Costa Rica During COVID-19

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Currently, many people are in need of a helping hand that can grant them relief in these trying times. Today, I want to tell you about some organizations that are taking care of this important task here in Costa Rica.

The Professional Women’s Network of Costa Rica “provides opportunities for networking and friendship among professional women, including professional development, community service, and support of business growth.”

Currently, PWNCR is focused on helping local communities in Costa Rica in times of the COVID-19 pandemic. They are taking remarkable measures to help various organizations achieving their goal: to render assistance to the vulnerable.  Link to Facebook.

Fundación Rahab.

Fundación Rahab (Facebook) is a non-profit non-governmental organization (NGO). It was founded in Costa Rica on November 12, 1997. Its stated mission is “to facilitate dignified changes in the quality of life of people and families, victims of human trafficking and the sex trade. We promote the integral development of the person and their family, enhancing their abilities and capacities.”

Right now, the Rahab Foundation has four pregnant women under their care who are due soon. They urgently require funds to supply food and meet the needs of expecting women.

Both organizations render extraordinary humanitarian help. The efforts of these groups are often invisible to the majority of people. It is for this reason that we want to invite you to learn about the excellent work these amazing people provide. Please make sure to visit their website.

Amigos of Costa Rica is a nonprofit organization founded by the Costa Rica-United States Foundation for Cooperation. CRUSA supports sustainable development in Costa Rica in four primary areas:

– Education

– Capacity-building,

– Conservation, and

– Science & Technology.

Right now, Amigos of Costa Rica and their partners are working diligently to help communities affected by COVID-19. They are focused primarily on the homeless population, high-risk families, and families who lost their source of income due to the closure of tourism-related businesses.

Here are just some of the groups Amigos of Costa Rica are actively supporting:

  • De la Mano con la Calle, meeting the basic needs of the homeless population during COVID-19.
  • Centro Infantil Luz de Cristo provides food to high-risk families in the city of Alajuelita.
  • Obras del Espiritu Santo, serving the urban poor.
  • Latin American Sea Turtles is a volunteer program that closed temporarily and requires funding to support the conservation of some 9,000 leatherback sea turtle eggs that will be laid this nesting season. If they don’t receive financial support, this program will be closed.

To learn more about their work, visit please the website

Community Action Alliance of Costa Rica

The Community Action Alliance of Costa Rica (CAA) is an organization of expats and Costa Ricans in San Carlos. Their mission is to coordinate with local groups, to foster relationships, and to provide resources for improvement and development initiatives.

One of their initiatives raised 1,300,000.00 Colones ($ 2,280.00), which helped 40 families to buy food and other basic necessities by delivering food vouchers that can be used at a local supermarket. And this is just the beginning. Their objective is to reach a total of 80,000 people in the canton (district) of San Ramón. Please check their website for more information.

Joint actions of expatriates and nationals help to further strengthen the ties that unite us as humans.

Connect with us and let us know about what you are doing, big or small, or let us know of any expat or expat organization that you are proud of!

by: Román Vergara