How to Find Jobs in Malaysia as an Expat

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Malaysia is one of the most popular Asian countries for expats looking for amazing working and living experiences. It has a lot to offer to people who come to the country for ideal vacation spots or for incredible living standards.

But, for jobs, it can be pretty challenging to get one because of competition from both expats and the locals. It is even more difficult for expats because of the requirements necessary for them to move to and work in Malaysia, as well as the diverse foreign cultures and traditions in the country.

To help you out, here’s a short guide on how to find a job in Malaysia as an expat:

Understand the Current Job Market

Man overlooking out at Kuala Lumpur City<br />By adil-alimbetov-94113
Man overlooking out at Kuala Lumpur City
By adil-alimbetov-94113

Before you consider moving to Malaysia, you should first understand the country’s current job market.

Like other countries, the number of jobs depends on the industry you plan to join.

Some sectors have fewer jobs because of temporal stagnation, while others may expand, thus opening to more jobs.

Make sure that your skill set matches the demand for better job prospects.

Know Which Visa Is for You

While trying to understand Malaysia’s job market, also know all the essential requirements needed to work in the country. For the work visa you need, there are three types of work permits currently used in the country that match particular jobs or skills.

  • Employment Pass: This is given to employees working in the managerial or technical sector and is usually valid for two years.
  • Temporary Employment Pass: This is given to employees who will work for less than two years or have a monthly salary of less than RM5,000 or USD$1,200.
  • Professional Visitor Pass: This is given to foreigners who are currently working for a company in their home country but are now on loan to a Malaysian company for their skill set for six months.

Before applying for a work visa, you must secure the job first. Usually, the application for work visas is quick and issued within a week.

Sources for Finding Jobs in Malaysia

There are many excellent job search websites in Malaysia you can use to find your ideal job. Some of them include:


You can also check Malaysia’s top newspaper sites like Daily Express, The Star Online, or the New Straits Times since they also post job vacancies open for expats.

When you use these websites, check if they have the MSC status, which shows that they are open for foreign workers. They can also help with visa applications and get them approved immediately.

Popular Industries for Expats in Malaysia

There are many great industries you can check that they have a lot of job offers for expats. Some of these industries include:

  • Oil and gas industry
  • Education
  • Engineering
  • Architecture
  • Sales
  • Healthcare
  • Tourism
  • Managerial work
  • Hospitality, and
  • IT


Finding a job in Malaysia is quite challenging, even as a first-time expat. There is constant tough competition; however, with prior knowledge and preparations, you may get your job. Do your research today to see what is available for you to do in Malaysia and live the dream life you are hoping for.

by: Kally Tay