10 Unique Weekend Getaways in Malaysia

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Let’s face it, it can be very stressful to work constantly without a break. It can be terrible for our overall health and it affects our work productivity. Fortunately, Malaysia has countless great places for expats seeking to get away from the city’s grind, even of only for a quick weekend getaway.

Here are 10 of the most amazingly unique weekend getaways you can try while working as an expat in Malaysia:

Banjaran Hot Springs Retreat in Perak, Malaysia

Want to recharge and revitalize your body? Why not head to Gopeng’s Banjaran Hot Springs Retreat? While it is a luxury resort, it has some of the most breathtaking views you will ever see and has hot springs that will surely revitalize your body. They even have meditation caves, thermal caves, and waterfalls you can check out after your mesmerizing spring experience.

Chilling Out at Fraser’s Hill in Pahang

Can't miss the big red sign that greet you at the Fraser's Hill
Can’t miss the big red sign that greets you at the Fraser’s Hill

Fraser Hill was once a British colonial station when Malaysia was under British rule.

It was a top destination for Malaysians and British alike who wanted to escape the city heat.

Today, it is one of the best places to enjoy British tea and scones while enjoying nature.

Bird watching is very popular in the area, as well as the hiking trails that are in key areas of the resort.

Time Capsule Retreat in Pahang

If you find yourself in Pahang, look at the Time Capsule Retreats’ unique accommodations. Guests can sleep inside a renovated 7x10ft pipe while enjoying the calming aura of nature around them. If you are going to try it, pack light because the pipe accommodations aren’t that large, but it is still a unique experience to try.

Glamping at Janda Baik

Kuala Lumpur’s average temperature can be too hot for expats used to the cold weather. Fortunately, you can check out Janda Baik and try glamping in some of the area’s unique accommodations. Janda Baik is known to locals for its cool forests and breathtaking hiking trails and has always been their go-to to cool down during the hot season.

Stay in the Forest at Kuala Kubu Bharu

Are you a nature lover? Kuala Kubu Bharu can definitely take your breath away because of its majestic views that are exceptionally distinct from the city. Go hiking at Fraser Hill or Bukit Kutu and enjoy the calming views as you go deeper into the trails.

Immerse the Orang Asli culture in Pulau Carey

Malaysia has a very diverse culture that has shaped its growth even to this very day. One of the most sensational experiences you can try for the weekend is visiting Pulau Carey and immersing yourself in the Orang Asli culture practiced by the Mah Meri tribe. The tribe offers immersion activities and even sells some of their uniquely crafted statues and masks you can take home.

Enjoy Kampung Life in Hulu Langat

I found another great nature trail that you can try out for the weekend in Hulu Langat. The area has some of the most fabulous hiking trails in the country, including the Gunung Nuang trail, the highest peak in Selangor. It is also a popular biking trail for many cyclists aspiring to participate in the Batu 18. Arguably, there is no better way to wrap up your fantastic day than trying out the local Kampung life, which, of course, is made memorable by the local favorites at Bahulu Casiq.

Sky Mirror in Kuala Selangor

Our Reflection at Sky Mirror
Our Reflection at Sky Mirror

Want to experience the sky mirror without going to Bolivia?

Kuala Selangor’s Sasaran Beach has been likened to Bolivia’s famed Salar De Uyuni for its Sky Mirror feature.

On a clear day, it will make you feel like you are walking in the sky as the beach mirrors the skies above.


Surfing in Cherating

Malaysia has many great beaches, and one of them is Cherating, a place specially made for surfers and aspirants alike. There is even a local surf school – Cherating Point Surf School- providing one of the best surfing lessons and adventures.

Scuba Diving in Sipadan

Finally, if you are a marine lover and want to get up close with marine life, you will definitely enjoy visiting Sipadan Island. To many, it is one of the ten best diving destinations globally, perhaps because of its exclusive, diverse array of marine life, including whales, sharks, whirling barracudas, and even hammerheads.

It would be impossible to explain the indescribable beauty in the country. Malaysia is definitely rich with great destinations, even for brief stays. Hopefully, one of these locations can help you recharge after a week of serious hustle and bustle in the city. May you have a happy vacation with these great getaways!

by: Kally Tay