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A personal note from the founder

TCI was born from my realization that generally, I was on my own to figure out expat life. The journey starts with a lot of questions, and I found getting answers was not that straightforward.

There are scattered resources out there, but they were like puzzle pieces from several different puzzles on one table needing to be sorted through. I wished I had access to someone who had already made the same move. I knew they were out there. I just didn’t know how to find them.

That experience lead me to build TCI. We now have an entire community of expats rooting for you, eager to make your transition to life abroad the best it can be

The Founder’s Story

My family and I went to Ecuador on what we thought was going to be one of many trips to figure out where to make our first move. After two weeks in Cuenca, the decision was made to make the move! Upon returning to the United States, I began investigating what I thought I would need to know in order to make the move as an expat. I had been a corporate expat in the past, I was a seasoned international traveler, so how hard could this be? After three weeks of research about how to get a visa, I found myself frustrated, uninformed, and more confused than ever.

A friend in Cuenca encouraged me to reach out to a visa facilitator that had done good work for him. After reaching out to him, I received a simple one screen email, clearly explaining the process. I was amazed that it was really that simple! Don’t get me wrong, there was a lot of work to be done to make it happen, but I understood what to do. The correct expectations were set, the process got done, all us was good!

These events made me realize a few things. First, getting to the right source of information the first time is critical to success in this effort. Second, if this process was a challenge for me with my background as an expat and as a traveler, it would be an even greater challenge for the typical pre-pat. Finally, the key to helping people is connecting the right knowledgeable people to the people that need help.

The idea behind TCI is that this effort is best achieved working in concert with other like-minded people. Community is everything! We help each other out along the way to our ultimate success!

Meet the Team

Darell T. Forte

Darell T. Forte

Founder, President and CEO

I have been an expat in two different countries, in two different expat scenarios, in two different life situations. As a serial entrepreneur, I saw a great need to help other expats learn how to transition to life abroad and enjoy it to the fullest.

Ken Platt

Ken Platt


Ken is a seasoned business and operations executive with extensive experience across multiple industries. Prior to co-founding TCI, Ken formed Clark Addison Group, LLC as an advisory and consulting practice. He has traveled extensively, setting up multi-faceted operations across Asia, India, and Europe.

Roman Vergara

Roman Vergara

Operations Manager

After 25 years working in technology and logistics, today Roman has become a digital nomad. In this new stage he has discovered his new passions in graphic design and content writing. His expat life  has led him to live in four different countries. Currently living in Costa Rica, his goal is continue discovering new experiences as an expat in other countries.

The TCI Expat Alliance Members


The Alliance is our team of successful expats and industry experts. They are a vital part of the community since they publish content with you and your needs in mind. Our community philosophy is one of “Optimistic Realism”. We encourage all to embrace their dream of living abroad, while setting realistic expectations in order to transition well. We accomplish this through the following approach:


Our blogs and videos are designed to expose you to the possibilites of a new life abroad.


Our Groups and Forums are designed to inform you about realities and details your need as you plan your move abroad.


Our Alliance and Community are here to support you in any way you need to make your dream a reality.

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